Monday, May 11, 2009


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Now I had heard of Orkut, but I did not realize that it was part of the Google family until preparing for this presentation. So you are asking what exactly is Orkut? So was I and this is the conclusion that I came to after scouring the web for a good definition. Orkut is Google's version of Facebook. I am sure that there are differences, but Orkut is a social networking/community site. A list of the features indicates that shares many of the features of other social networking/community sites. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

I want it to be clear that I don't have any experience with Orkut but my initial impression is this: "Another social networking site? Really?"

It appears that Orkut is written in ASP.NET. I find that interesting.

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  1. Orkut is immensely popular outside the US in countries like Brazil, Turkey, and Iran (it's actually been recently blocked in Iran and there's a very active Iranian community that tries to hack through the country's firewall to continue using the site). It's similar to Facebook but has two unresolved issues: the public/privacy settings usually default to public, and they have a large problem with fake users and spam. So, if you want to use Orkut just be certain to change your settings and preferences once you get your account set up.